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Co-founders and editors Sarah Michaelson and Jo Snyder

1234V is an independently run, literary publication that shares incidental and anecdotal stories about vaginas. Why vaginas? Because they’re weird and hilarious creatures. They do things that can’t always be explained, and whether this makes us laugh, or think, or gasp, or pull back in disgust, we want to put those stories out into a public that still has The Vagina Monologues as the only major cultural reference for vagina discourse.

Founded by Jo Snyder and Sarah Michaelson in 2007, 1234V has published stories by writers from across Canada. We feature writing and visual art by both women and men, and by straight, queer, and trans folks, because 1234V is about good writing and great storytelling – and vaginas. Each issue of 1234V takes on a different topic like menstruation or maintenance and turns it on its head.

Online editor Adriana Rolston

We don’t waste time with tales of “How Little Suzie Found a Flower in her Panties.”  It’s been done. Instead, we publish stories about how blood clots get in the way of oral sex, or about why it’s a bad idea to haggle over the price of a bikini wax in the back of a hut in Thailand. Our writers are witty, crass, and outspoken. 

The 1234V  blog is another sweet spot for crude, honest discussions and stories about twats, sexuality and humour. Our online editor, Adriana Rolston, is a freelance writer who dabbles in erotic writing and baking. She is a regular contributor to Shameless magazine and enjoys discussing sex-positive topics with anyone who is willing.

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In WINNIPEG, Manitoba:

Kustom Kulture, 470 River Avenue

Music Trader, 97 Osborne Street

Mondragon, 91 Albert Street

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In TORONTO, Ontario:

Come As You Are, 701 Queen Street West

Good For Her, 175 Harbord Street

Tightrope Books, 602 Markham Street

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Sound Central, 4486 Coloniale

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In HAMBURG, Germany:

Strips & Stories, 40 Seilerstrasse

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Or send us a vmail at info(at)1234v(dot)ca and we’ll hook you up!


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