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20 05 2011

Brazilian woman wins the right to masturbate at work

Here on the Vlog we will now be providing commentary on cunt-related news, covering a broad range of sex and health related topics. Because May is National Masturbation Month this story slips in quite nicely.

Ana Catarian Bezerra, a 36-year-old accountant, legally won the right to pleasure herself and watch porn in her workplace. She argued that because she has a chemical imbalance that causes anxiety and hypersexuality, her only source of relief is to beat around the bush frequently and a Brazilian judge ruled in her favour. She claims that sometimes she would rub her nubbin’ 47 times a day! That’s quite an intimidating feat, especially when you consider all the multitasking between your morning email rounds, your lunch date and your afternoon meetings. That’s also a hell of a lot of hand washing trips, unless you keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at the ready.

Double-clicking your mouse all day is hard work.

Bezerra sought professional help and is now taking a prescribed combination of medications that cut her pussy pampering sessions to 18 times a day. I guess that’s a relief, less than half the amount. But looking at that number still makes me feel tired. Not to mention sore. But not everyone weighing in on this feels like it’s a victory for accommodating unique sexual needs in the workplace. Although this case enters into un-chartered territory the concern seems to focus on whether or not Bezerra’s needs infringe on the privacy rights or comfort of her co-workers. An etiquette expert even went so far as to suggest that she shouldn’t have her ankles up on the desk or dress provocatively in fishnets. I mean really? Is it realistic to think that this woman is going to lay back, with her heels up and her twat on display and put on a show for the benefit of the entire office? This is a sexual need that she obviously struggles with just to get through her day, and while the rights and privacy of her fellow employees is just as important, it’s easy enough to make accommodations to ensure that when Bezerra strums her pink banjo she won’t be in plain view. If adjustments can be made for other disabilities in the workplace I don’ see why this should be any different.

Another point of tension is that this type of sexual disorder is highly contested in the medical community. Hypersexuality is often linked as a symptom of bipolar disorder but the research in this area is still extremely limited. Sex addiction in general is still an issue that psychologists can have trouble diagnosing or even breaching with patients, so the fact that Bezerra’s case was given this type of progressive treatment is a step in the right direction.

What’s nifty is that this court case was won during National Masturbation Month, which was founded in 1995 by San Francisco-based sex shop, Good Vibrations. It was inspired when Joycelyn Elders, a Surgeon General of the United States, who was fired by the White House for suggesting that young people should be taught how to get themselves off as part of sex education because it’s a low-sexual risk activity.

Masturbation is a free, healthy, safe, de-stress tool that we can use independently whenever we feel the need. So take the time to be good to your twat, whether you’re having a quickie in the middle of the afternoon or hosting an all night clit-flick marathon. And even though May is the month for muffin buffin’ it’s something we should do shamelessly all year round. So get off your vagina and do something! Like play with yourself.

Be kind to your cunt.




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