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26 01 2011

This week’s post is from KT, about her discovery of a mind-blowing, hands off technique.

When I sit down and really think about orgasms, I remember the awkward stage in life when I thought that I never had them. I was convinced from the ages of 13 to 16 that what I’d been experiencing while rubbing my genitals with my random objects, including fingers, toys, pillows, etc…was some mid-sized interior awesomeness but not quite the elusive “O.” Having been introduced to the fine art of jerking off at the ripe age of eight, I didn’t think it was possible that something so contentious was that easy for a little kid like me. Also, it’s not like an eight-year-old rubbing stuffed animals on her crotch was really concerned with the sexual difficulties of women who were rubbing cocks in their crotches. So for years, I just thought it was something that I did, and enjoyed, but wasn’t ever a big deal. I couldn’t tell you exactly when the tables turned and I realized that actually, what took me less than 30 seconds to complete in any place at any time, was an awesome, fantastic gift, but believe you me, I am well aware now. Since I figured this out, it’s been a sort of challenge when I go out, to rub one out on sporadic bathroom breaks, in trains, at shows, on planes, in cars while driving (judge me not!), change rooms, movie theatres, the list goes on.

What came as a new challenge is actually somewhat of a continuation of a past attempt at using only my mind to come to orgasm. In 2002, I smoked weed by myself and tried to think as hard as I could about getting off – and mostly succeeded – without the exact moment of climax. It was this drawn out all-over-body thing that was on the brink of amazing, but just not quite. I guess this was what people are referring to when they speak of tantric sex, but hell, I wasn’t satisfied. I sort of forgot about it, especially since I decided not to smoke weed anymore. Until the other day…

At the time I had a boyfriend who lived overseas, and long-distance relationships being what they are, I was feeling particularly emotionally vulnerable over this time. On a day the other week, I was feeling particularly nervous, and nothing I could do would take care of it, so I decided I would watch porn (Now, I can’t watch porn too often because I get too turned on to the point that it’s almost painful and the subsequent orgasm is never as intense as the build-up). I picked a girl on girl vid on youporn.com and got comfortable in my bed. I don’t know why I thought this time would be any different than usual, but I was getting really into it. It got to the usual point where it hurts, but instead of going for it gung-ho with my hand, I just let it get even more intense. There’s a point where one of the chicks goes at the other one’s asshole like it’s a crème egg and I just couldn’t handle it anymore. My insides were ripping at each other and I was shaking. I clenched my muscles and let it go.

I came without touching myself.

I can’t describe to you the noises that came forth from my body, but let it be known that they were the strangest ones that have ever done so. The orgasm itself was unfortunately not of the highest caliber, as I was too busy thinking to myself, “What the fuck? Is this real? Seriously?? Fuuuuuuuuuuck yeah!!!” as it was happening. I did, however get to come traditionally a few seconds later when I realized that I hadn’t depleted my clit power, which was amazing, as usual. When I told the dude about it later that evening, he was mind-blown and couldn’t wait to see me for that to happen with him. I’m not going to lie though; I feared it might have been a one-off experience.

Now, coming without touching one’s self is fucking amazing, but being able to reproduce the results is really the important part. So today, I gave it a try. I went back on faithful youporn and checked out what was popular today. But old chicks with outmoded hairdos and dudes who couldn’t keep an erection during a blowjob seemed to be trendy, so I went back into my browser history and came across those two blonde foreign girls again. I never really knew just how turned on I could get from rim-jobs, but man, that scene just revved me up again. So with my free hands I kept returning to that one spot, and moaned and groaned my way to total excitement. I felt the rush coming through my body and had a false alarm when a hugely loud moan escaped, but after rewinding again it only took a second to regain that momentum. Once desired arousal achieved, it was on. This time, I knew what was coming, so I wasn’t surprised and psyching myself out of it actually happening.

I was so turned on, and it was so hard to keep my hands away, but I did, and I haven’t had an orgasm that loud in ages. It was so intense, and so loud, and my vagina was literally the hottest I have ever felt it, and it was a solid ten seconds of just general awesomeness. My heart was racing the hardest it has since my last anxiety attack and I just lay there panting for a minute, as the chicks kept going down on each other. I waited till I knew I could handle it some more, then dove in with my right hand. It took five seconds, and my dripping wet self was convulsing and moaning just like minutes before.

Experiment successful!

My new challenge is to perfect this so that I can come on buses, trains, planes, at shows, in movies, on road trips, all without giving myself away (maybe I’ll have to learn to be quiet too). Huzzah!





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21 05 2011

Is there any medical term that can describe why A mental orgasm happens?

6 01 2012

As far as I can tell a mental orgasm relies on the same biological principles as a physical orgasm, but you’re achieving all of your stimulation and arousal by visualizing our fantasizing. Apparently MRI’s of the brain during orgasm show that the affects of mental and physical stimulation look exactly the same. If you think about it, every orgasm relies as much on what state of mind you are in as what’s happening to your body. I did find this interesting clip from the health talk show, The Doctors, which explains a bit more. http://video.answers.com/mental-orgasm-without-sexual-activity-516942588

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