A naughty wishlist

25 12 2010

So it’s Christmas, the day where I pay tribute to the long-forgotten Catholicism of my childhood by maximizing on free shit. Or cash so I can buy shit. Lot’s of sexy shit. So I thought I would share my top naughty picks this year. You know, spread the holiday cheer.

1. Any porn film featuring Madison Young.

I’ve become quite the fan of Miss Young, a feminist adult film star, director and artist who also curates her own LGBT community art space. She’s racked up an impressive amount of Feminist Porn Awards and is a relentless advocate of consensual BDSM feminist pornography. Young is an extremely captivating submissive, with her peaches ‘n’ cream complexion spoiled by handprints and tantalizing expressions of cooing distress. Any one of these hot titles that feature her talent should be sure to light your yuletide fire:

  • Lucky: A Woman’s POV
  • Champion
  • Perversions of Lesbian Lust 1 & 2
  • Tail of a Bondage Model
  • Frisk me
  • Lesbian Life: Real Sex San Francisco
  • Superfreak
  • Rough Sex 2

2. A good, sturdy corset.

I mean who doesn’t enjoy pretending to be an 18th century Victorian brothel scrumpet sometimes… aside from the scurvy, lack of hygiene and sexually transmitted diseases? Usually frilly things are exempt from my wardrobe, but when it comes to lingerie, I prefer it chock full of lace and ribbon. You know, typical “feminine” stuff. No pink though. That’s just going too far.

3. Erotica.

Or at least an erotic spin on an old classic. Ever wonder what it would be like if Elizabeth Bennet had a hot under-the-petticoat session with her minx of a friend Charlotte Lucas, and then took a tumble with Mr. Darcy, who was also fucking his good chum Mr. Bingley? Well now your curiosity and lust can be satiated because Ann Herendeen’s Pride/Prejudice: A Novel of Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, and Their Forbidden Lovers, adds a bisexual twist to the romantic classic. What is it about crude, sexy diction in old English that can be so hot? Whatever it is, it sure has my knickers in a hot twist.

Oh Lizzy, I always knew you were a dirty little tart.




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