Jesika Joy’s Birthday Dildo: The 1-Year Anniversary

22 11 2010

This week on the blog we have a special post from 1234v contributor Jesika Joy, who wrote about her celebratory, larger-than-life dildo purchase last spring in issue four, The Masturbation Issue.

So it has been exactly one year since I wrote 1234v regarding last year’s birthday celebration. You know the one: where I decide to treat myself to a birthday dildo, spend an hour combing the store for the perfect find, only to come home and realize that it’s too big to fit into my vagina. Yeah, I know. Happens to everyone.

I thought about selling it on eBay but I couldn’t imagine someone wanting to buy a used dildo online. The fact that I recently did that very thing for this year’s birthday is perhaps a different matter. I asked a few friends if they might be interested in taking it off my hands through barter or pay but I couldn’t find a taker. All in all I had used my dildo no more than 5 times!

Then, a couple of months ago, while enjoying a little self-pleasure, I became frustrated with my limited penetration tools. “Hmmm…,” I pondered as my eyes rested upon my old art supplies bin. I reached inside and pulled out an exacto knife. I found my giant useless birthday treasure and quickly got to work, shaving pieces of silicone off its perfect marbled finish.

Once whittled down to a more appropriate size my baby slide right in and worked me like a sweaty charm.

The original. She's a big ol' beauty.

New and improved for a better fit.




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