Introducing our online editor! Plus, a word on stashing your V gear.

15 11 2010

Hello fellow V-owners, V-admirers, V-fans, V-enthusiasts and V-supporters. I am Adriana Rolston, the newly-minted online editor of, where topics of the nether-region are discussed, debated, and masturbated until satisfaction. We are wide open to submissions here, so if you have a burning itch to share stories about your twat, or thoughts about V-related news, issues or fun facts please send them to Keep them short, and timely but not necessarily sweet. You can be as crass and crude as you want, but if you’re discriminatory or libellous that won’t fly.

In other news, I am currently on the hunt for a good old fashioned bedside table, one with a drawer that is ample enough to accommodate all of my cunt-care products. The nightstand performs a very important function in the bedroom: it conceals and conveniently assembles everything you need for a good team or solo-mode romp. Because when it’s late and I’ve been browsing some x-rated videos or erotica it’s a huge pain in the ass to have to get up and go retrieve the gear, especially when it’s on the other side of the room in the dresser. You want all your tools to be handy and when they’re not it dampens the mood….or rather, dries it out. It’s a conundrum. The drawer needs to be deep enough to fit a few erotic novels, some go-to porn, vibrators, condoms, lube and restraints. Everyone has a nook to hold their goodies. The most basic option being an under-the-mattress-cubby, while the ideal situation would be a subterranean below-the-floorboard department, manned by oompa loompas who clean and shine your butt plug when you’re finished, repair battery deficiencies in your rocket, and place all your trinkets on a rotating conveyor belt. But all I need to satisfy me is a simple home for my toys, nothing fancy. Because frankly, I’m tired of having to get up. The oompa loompas would be nice though….

So where do you store your stroke ‘n’ poke props? Send us a photo along with a short blurb about your sexy stash!




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