Menage a moi photos from Toronto!

31 08 2010

Here it is: documentation of a hot steamy night in The Beaver (it’s a club in Toronto, weirdo).

Thanks to our readers, our guests, our musicians, The Beaver, CAYA, Red Tent Sisters and photographer James Lourenco (all photos in this post by James).

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If you live in Toronto, or anywhere really, here’s where you can find a real paper copy of 1234V…

In WINNIPEG, Manitoba:

Kustom Kulture, 470 River Avenue

Music Trader, 97 Osborne Street

Mondragon, 91 Albert Street

*  *  *

In TORONTO, Ontario:

Come As You Are, 701 Queen Street West

Good For Her, 175 Harbord Street

Tightrope Books, 602 Markham Street

*  *  *

In MONTREAL, Quebec:

Sound Central, 4486 Coloniale

*  *  *

Or send us a vmail at info(at)1234v(dot)ca and we’ll hook you up!




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