13 10 2009

Front Cover Image

That doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for future submissions!

We are now taking submissions for issue 4 of 1234V. The theme this issue is Masturbation. Have you ever been caught? How was your first time? Do you have a favourite technique or toy or food and story behind how you came across it? Do you not masturbate and feel like telling us why? We love brainstorming about stories and art and anything else that can happen with this issue.

Don’t let shame prevent you from contributing. And you don’t have to have a V to write about them. Remember, stories are incidental and anecdotal. Use your best storytelling skills. Also keep in mind we are more than happy to work with you on your writing and ideas so don’t feel something has to be perfect before you send it in.

Submit your stories, comics, art, drawings, jokes, zine theme ideas, photos to: 1234vzine(at)gmail(dot)com

We, the editors, reserve the right to edit submissions for style and content. We also reserve the right to refuse any articles we find racist, homophobic, libelous, violent, mysoginist, poorly written, ill-conceived, lame, not funny when trying to be, or might not be a right fit for none of the above reasons or all of the above reasons.




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